Viking Appliance Repair

Viking Appliance Repair Service

Taking good care of your Viking appliances is of paramount importance. Viking freestanding range isn’t just a fancy name for a premium-class stove. It is an investment into your property, as Viking appliances are often used as a potential bargaining chip when ramping up the value of your house. Thus, if you perform regular maintenance by employing the services of professional Viking appliance repair technicians, you can increase the value of your property by a fairly substantial margin.
If you’re looking for a professional Viking appliance repair service in Colorado Springs, we’ll be happy to be at your service, with residents of Aurora, Highland Ranch, Littleton enjoying the quickest response times due to our geographic location.

Where It All Began

Fred Carl came up with an idea of creating the Viking company when he wanted to professional-grade range for his home, but there were none available on the market. It took years for him to perfect the design and in 1987 the first professional-grade range was finally available for regular home owners.
Currently, Viking Range Corporation is a major player among the high-end American appliance manufacturers. It offers three lines of premium appliances, which include the original “Professional” series, a more affordable “Designer” series, and a newly created “Commercial” line of appliances that are used in the finest restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Viking Stove Repair

First of all, it should be noted that there are actually no “Viking stoves” on the market, since the proper name for them is “Viking freestanding range”. However, no matter what Viking appliance you own and regardless of how you’re going to call it, we have the means and the necessary training to repair it in record time.
Regular maintenance of your freestanding ranges, rangetops, and cooktops is important for several reasons. The number one being that you’ll greatly prolong the life your fairly expensive cooking appliance. The second reason is, of course, safety.
No matter how expensive a certain product is, malfunctions will occasionally happen. And when you’re dealing with extreme heat and flammable gas, a small malfunction that is left unchecked can have dire consequences.

Other Cooking Appliance Repair

There is a limit to how many dishes you can cook on cooking range, even the most luxurious one. This is where Ovens, microwaves, and warming drawers come into play. Though, of course, you can’t cook anything in a warming drawer, and it is also generally not a good idea to cook anything in a microwave, we do tend to use these appliances quite frequently. Which is why is it such a hassle when one of those appliances starts malfunctioning.
Our Viking appliance repair service can easily handle the majority of these malfunctions on the spot, since every our service truck is fully equipped with a whole array of high-end spare parts. We’ll gladly tackle any job no matter how hard or trivial it may be.

Viking Refrigerator Repair

A fairly large number of calls that we get from Colorado Springs businesses and residents concern Viking refrigerator malfunctions. Any broken kitchen appliance will give you a headache, but a broken fridge is a disaster. This is why we handle Viking refrigerator repair jobs with outmost speed to ensure that you’ll be inconvenienced for as little amount of time as possible.
We can perform any job from replacing cooling coils to charging the system with Freon and even replacing the motor itself. We are have vast experience in repairing Viking freestanding refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, wine cellars (wine coolers), and ice machines; you name it, we’ll fix it!

Viking Appliance Repair in Colorado Springs

When you’re dealing with our repair service, no matter how high your expectations may be, we’ll make sure to exceed them. Regardless of the type of Viking appliance you need us to repair, perform maintenance or, or install, we’ll easily handle the task.
Whenever you have a problem, give us a call. If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we’ll schedule a visit from one of our expert technicians at a time of your convenience. All our technicians are also expected to be exceedingly polite and professional. You’ll find that it’s a pleasure interacting with them.
When repairing your items, our repair technicians use only the most high-end parts of the highest quality. You can expect to get a lengthy guarantee on all our repair jobs, since after we are done working, your appliance will be good as new.
We also make a point of providing the most accurate estimates, so you’ll know the exact price of repair before we even began, eliminating the possibility of hidden costs and expenses. Finally, despite working with the most high-end appliances, we strive to provide our customers with the most affordable prices. When you opt for our Viking appliance repair services, we’ll make sure that you get everything that you expect and more.

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