Commercial Ice Machine Repair

ice-machine hoshizaki repairAny hotel or restaurant owner will tell you just how important having a functional commercial ice machine on hand is. Being able to offer your guests an ice-cold beverage on a hot day is what sets you apart as a hospitable and skilled manager and what gives your business a reputation of a venue that respects its visitors and provides excellent service.
If your commercial refrigeration unit starts malfunctioning, urgent action needs to be taken, or you risk damaging your business reputation and losing points with your customers. Whatever ice machine problem you are dealing with, you can always count on our expert technicians to come to your rescue, providing quick and efficient appliance repair help.
What we do:

  • We provide timely and quality repair services across various food-serving industries in Colorado Springs, including restaurants, bars, hotels, healthcare facilities, school or university canteens, catering spaces, recreation facilities, entertainment venues, etc.
  • We service all commercial ice machine brands and can quickly correct a malfunction with products by the following manufacturers: Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Beverage-Air, Randell, Delfield, Manitowoc, Carrier, True, Hoshizaki, and Heatcraft.
  • We are well equipped and trained to work with a wide range of ice machine issues. Whether it is an established brand like Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman, Beverage-Air, Randell, Delfield, Manitowoc, Carrier, True, and Hoshizaki or a much less known ice machine maker, you can be confident that we will know what to do.
  • We offer flat rate, transparent pricing for our commercial appliance repair services. You pay for the job you get done well, not for the time spent on it. Upon reviewing your faulty unit and assessing the breakdown complexity, our technicians will give you a price quote upfront so that it does not catch you off guard or raise questions later.

Why schedule planned maintenance for your ice machine?
There are plenty of advantages to having your commercial ice machine inspected and tuned regularly by a professional appliance repair technician:

  1. accurate temperature adjustment that leads to the overall improved working efficiency of the unit and decreased energy bills;
  2. proper sanitization that helps remove bacteria and mold and ensures excellent quality of the ice produced;
  3. condenser removal prolongs the life of your equipment;
  4. reduction of wear and tear; Routine cleanings, timely change of filters, and preventative care will protect your ice machine from building up the scale from hard water and kill the bacteria that cause the growth of slime and algae.

ice-machine ice-o-matic repairWhen scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance visits by our specialists, you can guarantee that your beloved commercial ice machine will serve you well for years without the need for a costly and time-consuming repair. Moreover, you will feel safe, knowing that your foodservice establishment will surely pass the next health inspection with excellence.
Ice machine troubleshooting: tips and tricks to remember.
If, despite your preventative maintenance efforts, the unit is acting up, refusing to produce enough ice, it might be a good idea to call a professional repair service. However, you may want to try the following first:

  • check the pressure and flow of water to the machine;
  • make sure the temperature of the incoming water is below 50 degrees;
  • inspect the water filter for clogging;
  • provide enough space between your ice machine and other equipment for proper airflow.

If nothing of the above works for you, our qualified technicians will be happy to help solve the problem. Give us a call and schedule a visit by our specialists at a convenient time. We know how to prolong the life of your ice machine and help your business thrive!

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