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The fridge is the very heart and soul of your kitchen, and for one to see it malfunctioning or entirely out of order can be devastating. Not to mention what unpleasant and financially draining consequences the sudden break of the refrigerator can have on your household. Just think of all that food going to waste and the money you will need to scrape together to get the appliance replaced, and you will realize why proper and timely maintenance is so crucial.
Here are five most essential maintenance tips and tricks that will help keep your beloved device in top-notch shape for a much longer time, saving you the need for a costly refrigerator repair:

Tip 1. Keep the coils clean.

Usually placed at the lower back part of the device and covered with a grill, these parts of the fridge can get untidy over time, especially if you have pets in the house. Use a coil-cleaning tool, a stiff brush, or a specialized vacuum cleaner attachment to remove the dust from the coils and the condenser fan once every 3-4 months.

Tip 2. Make sure the gasket seals well.

If it does not close securely, the coolness may be escaping the inside of your fridge, impeding its work and increasing the amount of energy used to maintain the preset temperature. In case it is torn or shabby, you will need to replace the gasket to promote the work efficiency of your fridge. Use soapy water to clean the gasket regularly.

Tip 3. Change filters.

Replacing the icemaker and water dispenser filters in time will allow you to keep these components up and running much longer. The steps it takes to replace filters in your fridge vary from model to model, so make sure you check with the manufacturer’s instructions before you start.

Tip 4. Keep the moisture level at bay.

Uncovered foods that you store in your fridge tend to evaporate moisture, which in the end can decrease the cooling properties of the unit and spoil other food items kept here. Plastic containers will not only minimize moisture but also help make more efficient use of the available storage space.

Tip 5. Do not put heated or steaming food in it.

Doing so will force the fridge to work twice as hard to balance out the increased temperature. Even if quick cooling is required to promote its eating qualities, give your hot dish a few minutes to cool down a bit before you put it away in the fridge.

What can go wrong with your fridge?

Even though they are usually made to last longer than most other household appliances in your kitchen, refrigerators are not damage-proof or immune to wear and tear. No matter how hard you try to keep them clean and functional with regular maintenance efforts, they still can break down all of a sudden. The most frequent issues with a fridge include:
• clogging of the defrost drain and water spills on the floor;
• ice buildup in the freezer;
• inconsistently cool temperature;
• heating of the outer walls;
• increased noisiness;
• freezing and icing of stored food.

How to fix fridge problems?

You can complete some minor refrigerator repair works yourself, like removing debris around the coils or flushing the defrost drain to unblock it. However, if the problem is with the electrical stuffing or if there is a need to replace one of the unit’s central parts, you cannot do without the help of professional technicians.
Our appliance repair service is a well-known and reliable Colorado Springs-based company that can be trusted with repair tasks of any complexity. Give us a call today, and we will schedule a visit to see what is wrong with your refrigerator. Our trained technicians will perform in-depth diagnostics and expertly advise you on the best possible solution to the existing problem.

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