How much does appliance repair cost in Colorado Springs

We provide flat prices for appliance repair upfront, after diagnostic. The final cost of repair depends on a lot of factors. The average price depends on the type of appliance (like washer, dryer, range, dishwasher, etc) $165-$280.

Household Appliances Service Call Fee – old price $100 – new price – $85

We will not charge you for labor if the problem will be just with circuit breakers, lost power, damaged power outlet, clogged sewerage and etc.

HVAC Service Call Fee – $120

Minimum Labor Fee – $285 if you will decide to fix. 

Minimum Labor Fee – $185 if you will decide to fix. 

Average prices for appliance repair without parts, discounts and coupons:

Refrigerator Repair Cost Labor – $185-1800

Dryer Repair – $165-425

Dryer Air Duct Installation – $185 (parts included)

Washer Repair – $185-425

Oven\Range\Stove Repair – $185-785

Microwave Repair – $185-495

Furnace Repair – $195-unlimited

Air-conditioner – $195-unlimited

Thermostat (Nest, Ecobee3, Honeywell) Installation – $165-265 per one (depend on the problem/wires/burned fuse or etc.).

Water Heater Repair- $185-495

Fireplace Repair – $185-unlimited

Sometimes repair requires two-three technicians +$85 each tech per hour (minimum 2 hours each tech).

Works higher on 3 1/2 ft will be cost you 1.5 coefficient of charge.

In 70-80% of cases, as a rule, the breakdown is insignificant and charge will be about $165-195

Commercial Appliances:

Service Call Fee – old price $140 – new price – $120

Minimum Labor Fee – $285 if you will decide to fix. 

Labor price depend on by suffer score of repair.


* Discounts doesn’t cover installations.


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